Wood carving may seem deceptively simple but there is definitely an art to it. That is why beginners must take the time to learn more about all of the best wood carving tools. There are tools that are specifically designed to assist those who are just getting started out and they offer a number of advantages.

wood carving tools for beginners

Unless you are willing to put in the proper amount of time and effort when it comes to select your beginner wood carving tools, you are not going to experience the same level of success as those who do. The tools that are selected in these instances should be geared towards making sure that the learning curve is as smooth as possible.

There are a number of questions that are bound to come up when we are in the process of learning the intricacies of wood carving. That is why we have prepared this guide to all of the best beginners’ wood carving tools so that you are able to find out more. Since there is a wide variety of wood carving tools to choose from, this guide is here to assist you…..

A Knife

A knife is the most common and basic tool that a beginning wood carver will need to obtain.

A sharp knife will mostly be used for chip carving and whittling.

The knife blade should be approximately 1 1/2″ long with a handle that is easy for you to hold so as to avoid the knife slipping out of your hands while using it and prevent you from cutting yourself.

Cutting yourself while carving wood is not that much fun, take my word for it !

High carbon steel is the material of first choice when selecting a knife for wood carving / whittling. It should retain its sharpness for quite a while after you sharpen it.

A Chisel

Another basic beginning tool for wood carving is a chisel. This tool comes in different cutting edges, depending on the hardness of the wood. A mallet is generally used to hit the chisel into the wood. For its small size, you get a lot of bang for your buck with a high quality chisel.

A chisel is extremely useful and practical tool to have in your wood carving tool collection and should provide you many years of service if you take proper care of it.

Wood Carving Chisel Set

A wood carving chisel set is one of the first items that you should be purchasing when you are looking to get started in the world of wood carving. A chisel set is the best starting point for anyone who lacks experience. These sets are designed to provide us with the tools that we need to handle a number of different wood carving tasks. These kits also tend to come with tools that have already been sharpened.

These sets often come with wooden handles as well. This makes it much easier for beginners to handle the tools without experiencing any difficulties. They also have their own carrying case. For beginner wood carvers who may need to tote their tools from one class to the next, these sets are an absolute godsend that cannot be ignored.

best beginning tools for wood carving

Power Grip Carving Tools

These tools offer beginners the chance to enjoy a much more solid grip when they are completing their projects and best of all, they are incredibly durable. That means that you can purchase your power grip carving tools at the very beginning of your wood carving journey and still have them by the time you are rounding into proficiency.

Grip is everything when you are selecting tools of this nature. This is how a beginner carver learns how to control their tools. Simple wood carving tools become even easier when you have access to the precision that power grip carving tools have to offer. These tools are typically offered along with a helpful carrying case that makes organization a total snap.

Power Carvers

This is a tool that is truly designed to remove all of the guesswork from the proceedings. These electric wood carving tools make life simple. They are essentially fool proof and anyone can use them to their benefit. Power carving tools are designed to be light to the touch. There is no vibration for the beginner wood carver to be worried about when using power carvers.

Best of all, they offer a certain amount of precision that cannot be matched anywhere else. When we are just learning how to handle various wood carving tools, it never hurts to have the versatility of a power wood carver on hand. All of the projects that you have in mind are well within your grasp when you equip yourself with the proper tools. Power carvers are just one of the few that every beginner wood carver should have.

Whittling and Roughing Tools

While there are a number of woodcarving tools that come with various tools, the importance of whittling and roughing tools can never be discounted. This tool is also easier to store because there is just one knife to worry about. These knives are designed to handle any whittling and roughing concerns that are bound to come up. When we are working with wood that needs to be roughed out a bit, this becomes important.

These tools are especially effective when delicate wood carving tasks need to take place. Making cuts in hollow areas has never been easier. The same goes for beginner carvers who are looking to make smoother and shinier cuts. The accuracy that a whittling and roughing tool has to offer cannot and should not ever fall by the wayside. With these tools, you are also not limited to any specific projects.

Children’s Carving Tools

Parents who are looking to make sure that their little ones are not being exposed to any dangers when they are learning the ins and outs of wood carving should definitely take the time to seek out carving tools that are geared for their youngsters. There are some children who may have the ability to handle using adult tools but this tends to be the exception. It is not the norm and should never be treated as such.

Children who are given adult tools and expect to learn wood carving may or may not experience the desired level of success. It is a true “sink or swim” proposition. That is why it is best to equip children with tools that are specifically designed for their needs. This allows parents to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their little ones are safe while they pursue their new favorite hobby.