glazes that look good together on ceramics

The glazes used for ceramics tend to be of different varieties, since each one fulfills a special function and generates a different effect on the ceramic. This is something that all the pros with years of experience know about, but it is something that even a newbie will be able to learn, understand, identify and put into practice.

So, in this post, I will talk a little about the types of glazes that exist for ceramics and some that work very well together, so that the finish that the piece has is quite striking since that is what we look for when applying the glaze.

There are many reasons why we could decide to apply glaze to our ceramic pieces, either because we want it to have a different effect, so that it highlights a specific color or that its brightness is simply greater.

ceramic glazes that look nice togetherAnyway, if we need any of these things, all we have to do is go to any hardware store and ask for the glaze we want, be it a transparent glaze or any other one we choose.


There are some colored glazes that help to highlight more the base color of a ceramic piece. For example, if we have a ceramic cup that is entirely blue, we can buy a blue glaze so that both the brightness and the color are high in the piece. In the same way, we can get glazes of all kinds of colors that we can use on all kinds of pieces. So we do not have any kind of restriction when it comes to ceramic glaze, in fact, we have a wide range of glazes that will allow us to let our imagination fly before putting our hands in action.

Power, Liquid or Suspension Forms

One of the main classifications that glazes possess is the division of the same depending on their form or presentation, whether in powder, suspension or liquid. Those that come in powder simply must be mixed in water at the time of the glaze process, while those in liquid and in suspension forms are almost ready to be used on ceramic pieces.

Baking Time

They are also classified and divided depending on the length of time in which they require for baking. The choice of any ceramic glazes will depend for the most part on the type of pieces that we are going to glaze and the length of time that they should bake. So, after these main classification criteria there all kinds of glazes with beautiful effects that will help create impressive ceramic pieces.

Now, as I mentioned, there are transparent glazes and glazes with colors. While it is true that transparent glaze is usually the most used, and preferred by all thanks to its simplicity and the brightness that can be given to any type of piece. But we can also choose between other types of glazes if what we want is an interesting change from the common and every day ceramic items, generating an unexpected effect on the ceramic itself.

This is how we can get interesting glazes with crackle effects, mottled, that will give an appearance to the ceramic piece as if a rain of colors had passed over it. We can start playing with these types of glazes and create combinations that allow us to unleash our imagination, and be able to capture and create what we want the ceramic piece to be. Like these, you also find glazes that generate gout effects, some with gorgeous matte colors.

There are also some translucent glazes that can be perfectly combined with some colors, in such a way that in the final result we can see a layer of colorful glitters, which also allows us to see the original background of the piece. This last type of glaze can create wonderful effects in ceramic pieces for the kitchen such as plates, cups, water pitchers and many others items.

The glazes with colors can also have a beautiful result when placed together, giving the piece first a layer of the color and then the transparent, so that the brightness and depth of color we are going to use is much more striking.

In the same way, it is good to place a layer of transparent glaze to any ceramic that has been glazed with other effects, because this will cause it to have double brightness, something that usually gets a lot of attention from people. I came to realize that the transparent glaze is one of the best that can be combined with others.

The same thing can happen with the glaze with crackle effect, since we can give it a layer of this effect, on some of matte, of drops, of crystals and so on, because it will allow the vision that we obtain from the main glaze to be different. It can also look good on ceramic ornaments that are large, so that the way in which the effects (other than the glazes with which it has been covered) are better seen and appreciated.

If you want to be a little more creative, what you can do is mix the glazes that you want and try out what kind of defects are emerging on the ceramics, because in the midst of that spill of inspiration will generate effects that are quite beautiful and that we want to continue implementing in other pieces of ceramics.

ceramic glazes that look good together

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

All the available types of glazes that exist today will easily allow us to give free rein to our imagination and be able to mix whatever we want to generate different effects on any type of ceramic piece.

It can be something quite fun to do and we can do it with our relatives or loved ones, to have quality time together and create original and unique items as a family. Especially with the smallest member of the household, who usually has an imagination greater than our own.

Do not stop mixing glazes, effects and colors, because these will allow you to try new things and give a touch of originality to everything you do.

This is especially true when working with ceramic creations and selling them, because they can have unique and gorgeous effects that you create with these mixtures of glazes, which can make your business go much better. This way they will obtain more of a reputation for originality and people will want to buy their ceramics in bulk quantities from you.

Do not be afraid the next time you want to sit down to mix layers of different glazes. In fact, you should dare yourself to do it. We should not be afraid to let our imagination run free and let it send orders to our brain, since, after all, the greatest works of art were born as a simple experiment, a small practice in releasing creativity.

So it’s time for you to motivate yourself and start mixing some glazes for your ceramics. Get started today !